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Our wine team is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about wine. They watch over a temperature-controlled cellar of more than 30,000 bottles from wine-producing areas all over the world.  Your sommelier is ready to recommend everything from a fresh young Moscato d'Asti to a 50-year-old first growth Bordeaux.
Martin Beally

Martin Beally
Wine Director

Although he started his career as a technology consultant, a passion for fine cuisine led Martin to enroll in culinary school in 2004 to become classically trained as a French chef at the Alain & Marie LeNotre Culinary Institute in Houston.  In January, 2005, Martin moved to Seattle and started his career in the restaurant industry as a line cook.  He quickly made the transition into the front of the house, waiting tables at Seattle's Tulio Ristorante in 2007.  Over the years, he eventually became the Wine Steward for Tulio Ristorante where he developed his love for Italian wine.  He continued that passion by assisting in the opening of Stoneburner in Ballard during the summer of 2013, but when the chance to join Wild Ginger was offered, he could not pass on the opportunity.
His passion for wine came almost as an accident when a last minute chance to take the Court of Master Sommeliers intro exam was offered by his mentor, Master Sommelier Emily Wines, in the summer of 2011.  Since then, Martin has traveled to Italy, delving into the depths of Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont, as well as visiting California's Central Coast for harvest in 2012 and Napa Valley in 2013.  In 2013, Martin was thrilled to pass his Advanced exam at the happiest place on earth, Disney Land's Grand Californian.
When not extolling the virtues of Italian wine on the floor at Wild Ginger, Martin can usually be found continuing his studies towards the Master Sommelier exam.  But in those fleeting moments of free time, Martin enjoys learning the Italian language, taking his dog Cheeks out for a run, watching an NFL game, or having a great meal and a night out dancing with friends.
Jason Smith

Jason Smith
Manager/Wine Director:
Wild Ginger Bellevue

Jason Smith is an Advanced Sommelier, Walter Clore Scholar, and a Certified Specialist of Wine. Before making a decisive career switch to wine, Jason worked in film, photography, social services, theater production, fine art, and many restaurant kitchens. His passion for wine began innocently when, disappointed by a hastily purchased bottle leftover from a recipe calling for a single cup, Jason picked up a wine book. A few cautious pages in, rabid curiosity and an obsessive nature took over.

It happened slowly, beginning with weekend work at a wine bar and shop, leading to full time work as a restaurant server and, finally, full-service bartender. Along the way, he carried and served countless plates of food, hushed crying children, cleared tables, and attended to any task required, logging thousands of miles commuting by bicycle. What he found was an astonishing capacity for the simple service of food and drink to communicate care, confer enjoyment, and elevate sustenance to a gesture of affection.

Now, in a marriage of disciplines, Jason continues on as a Sommelier, grateful for the chance to do justice to wine's role at the table. He is proud to be part of the orchestrated dance that provides a stage for what wine does best: bring the world to us as a drinkable document of all the hands, history, and labor joined in its creation.

In between work and sleep, he’ll go as far as his bicycle will carry him. You’ll see it parked outside wine shops, libraries, restaurants, coffeehouses and close to cherished friends and loved ones. The rest of the time, he’s probably cooking. It’s what got him in all this trouble to begin with.
Robert LaBuda

Robert LaBuda

Robert originally developed an affinity for culinary traditions while on an exchange trip to France in high school.  Years later, while studying Natural History at Prescott College in Arizona, Robert discovered a passion for wine, finding it to meld his interests in food, geography, and the natural world.  Returning to his hometown Cleveland, OH, Robert began working under acclaimed chef/restaurateur Zack Bruell, eventually coming to oversee the wine program for all of Bruell’s restaurants. Robert passed the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Advanced Examination in 2014, and is currently studying for the Master Sommelier exam. Moving to Seattle in 2015, Robert jumped at the opportunity to join the talented wine team at Wild Ginger.  When not studying wine, Robert enjoys cooking, playing with his son, Kai, weight lifting, and practicing Zen Buddhism.


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