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Nathan Uy

Nathan Uy
Culinary Director

When Nathan was a young boy in 1975, his family fled their home in a war-torn city of Cambodia and migrated to the country to work the fields.  His family planted rice and sweet potatoes and Nathan learned to cook from his father on the farm. 

Nathan was a newly married man when the ruthless Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. He worked for four years as a cook for the Communist Committee, making meals for 200 villagers every day. In 1979 he and his wife escaped this cruel lifestyle by walking 120 miles through the jungles of Thailand to Vietnam.

He left Cambodia when he was twenty six and moved to Renton, just outside of Seattle. Working in various Asian restaurants before landing at Wild Ginger, Nathan has worked here for over thirteen years, and runs the entire kitchen and its team of cooks.  As part of his job, he is also responsible for training both line and prep cooks and speaks several languages - Cantonese, Vietnamese, Manchurian and English. 

Like most chefs in the kitchen at Wild Ginger, Nathan plants a garden at home. Lush with pumpkins, tomatoes, salad and squash for soups, he is in charge of cooking at home, as well.  At the moment, his favorite foods are Thai-inspired as they tend to include a bounty of herbs.
Gihan Ernest

Gihan Ernest
Lead Sous Chef - Wild Ginger Bellevue

With over ten years of industry experience and eight years of food handling experience, Chef Gihan Ernest’s background makes him an amazing addition to the Wild Ginger team. Gihan has an impressive background working in restaurants and hotels such as the Earl's Regency Hotel, Suiss Hotel Kandy, Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo, and Sri Lankan Airline Catering. Gihan also worked onboard Azamara Club Cruises supplying customers with above and beyond service and food. He also implemented a new plating system and created new menus. He assisted the Executive chef for all VIP chef tables and special demonstrations as well. Gihan has spent years in the tough operation of the culinary business and takes leadership and success very seriously. He has received awards from the Sri Lanka Chefs Guild Competition and a diploma for food hygiene and excellent customer service!
Gihan’s creativity shines in the kitchen by incorporating his culinary knowledge and skill along with his originality. Chef Gihan delivers beautiful and delicious dishes, every time. He tries to discover new tastes pulling from modern and traditional recipes. Chef Gihan tries to experiment with it all! Taking bits and pieces from Italian, American, Mexican, Eastern, and Sri Lankan recipes. Gihan continues to create new and different cuisine styles for every guest. Wild Ginger is known for providing traditional South East Asian dishes with a modern flare and with Chef Gihan in the kitchen, he will continue to the break boundaries with new culinary ideas while still providing you with the same classics that Wild Ginger is known for!
Ming Tan

Ming Tan
Chef - Wild Ginger Seattle

For over ten years, Ming has been cooking in the kitchens at Wild Ginger, starting off in our first kitchen on Western Avenue.  Ming moved with his family to Seattle from Kai Pan, China, and quickly became a key member of our team. He currently oversees a staff of over fifty cooks and manages the production of some of our most vital sauces and recipes. On any given day he can be found quietly leading his team by example; most often working right along side them as they prepare for the day. In Ming’s kitchen, there is no ‘boss’, just staff.  For him, they are all passionate cooks.

At home, Ming cultivates his own kind of home-cooking by growing several vegetables in his backyard – an assortment of Asian greens, plums and green beans among them.  He favors shopping at his local Asian Market and has never succumbed to the Western style of eating, preferring simple steamed fish (his favorite meal) over fast food.  There are three practices to live by in Ming’s kitchen, whether at home or behind the stoves at Wild Ginger – clean, fresh, flavor – an admirable commitment to food that is evident on every plate.

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