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Wild Ginger Kitchen open now in 4 locations!

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We are pleased to announce the opening of Wild Ginger Kitchen! The goal is to bring our neighborhood something fresh, fast and flavorful. This Asian food to-go concept is located in the former box office space of the Triple Door located on Union St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

We want to supply the downtown area with healthy Asian fast food options that are priced affordably. Everything is prepared by the same folks who run Wild Ginger and Triple Door operations. The menu will evolve every two weeks but will follow a similar Asian theme: chicken, beef and vegan; served with rice or noodles and a variety of pickled garnishes. In addition we will have two beverages; fresh coconut water and a house made Thai limeade.  We will be seeking input from our clients to improve and drive all aspects of the menu.  

Current Flagship Menu:
216 Union Street // Mon - Fri :: 11am-2:30pm

vietnamese beef curry - $9
slow cooked beef brisket with carrot, garlic, ginger, shallots, chili, lemongrass and turmeric in a curry sauce.  garnished with cilantro and cucumber pickle. (spicy, gluten and dairy free)

thai chili chicken - $8
chicken wok-fried with broccoli, garlic, shallot, green onion, lemongrass, ginger, thai chili, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Garnished with cilantro and cucumber pickle.  *spicy (contains gluten and fish sauce, dairy free)

passion tofu w. green bean (vegan) - $7 
fried tofu, eggplant, green bean, soy sauce, kafir lime leaf and basil.  garnished with basil and cucumber pickle. (spicy, dairy free, contains gluten)


Current Swedish Menu:
747 Broadway - Seattle, WA 98122
// Open 7 days a week :: 11am-8pm


chicken chieu salad - $9.
cabbage, carrots, basil, peanuts, shallots, fish sauce
beet salad - $8.
roasted local beets, watercress, cilantro,
citrus soy vinaigrette
dan dan noodle salad - $8.
chicken, onions, cucumber, garlic, ginger, sesame seed dressing
siam green bean salad - $7.
tamarind shallot vinaigrette, local green beans, tomatoes

vegan curries
cauliflower and tofu curry - $7.
lemongrass tofu, malaysian yellow curry
chickpea and tomato curry - $7.
heirloom tomatoes, ginger, garam masala

wild ginger favorites
angkor wat chicken - $8.
black beans, peanuts, peppers, onion, soy sauce, chiles
thai basil chicken - $8.
bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, peas
beef brisket rendang - $9.
indonesian style curry, carrots, radishes
vietnamese beef stew - $9.
carrots, onions, daikon, potatoes, mushrooms
chiang mai pork - $8.
potato, shallot, fish sauce, peanuts, chiles
sri lankan pork - $8.
ginger, garlic, curry leaves, chili flakes


california organic brown rice - $1.

jasmine white rice - $1.

achar pickles - $1.
carrots, cucumber, cauliflower,  beans

baby bok choy - $5.
ginger, garlic

coconut tapioca - $3.
strawberries, blueberries, coconut brown sugar


limeade - $2.75
spring water, agave, lime juice

coconut water - $2.95
no fillers, straight from the coconut

energy cold pressed juice - $4.

pineapple, lemongrass, ginger, coconut water, limeade (spring water, agave, lime juice)
wellness cold pressed juice - $4.
watermelon, kaffir lime, beet, limeade (spring water, agave, lime juice)
detox cold pressed juice - $4.

orange, turmeric, apple, carrot, lemonade (spring water, agave, lemon juice)
cleanse cold pressed juice - $4.
kale, cucumber, thai basil, ginger, green apple, limeade (spring water, agave, lime juice)


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For over 25 years Wild Ginger has set the standard for Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine in Seattle. This fall, we proudly introduce our newest additions: Wild Ginger Kitchen at Swedish Hospital, and Wild Ginger Kitchen at Whole Foods 365 in Bellevue.
Wild Ginger Kitchen at Swedish will be a new concept for us. We will provide grab-and-go individual portions of our most popular dishes, ready to be reheated and enjoyed. At 365, our guests will enjoy hot and ready meals, or mix-and-match from our pre-packaged selections.
Wild Ginger Kitchen’s cold-pressed juices will feature the freshest ingredients, with no additional fillers. Just the juice! Each ingredient was selected by our culinary team for their flavor profiles, and health benefits.

1401 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
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508 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
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